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Project Description
Cloudcache makes it easier for you to manage and deploy a distributed caching tier to Windows Azure. Included is a web-dashboard in MVC 2.0, Memcached Worker Roles, and performance monitoring additions. Future versions will have backup/restore options.

New Release on April 1st 2010

No this is not April fools a new release has made it's way out. Below are the changes:
  • Removed dependency on Azure Storage Provider, now instead looks at the physical deployment
  • The above speeds up overall services by about ~11%
  • Cache Tier Service uses HTTP Binary Protocol for faster gets/sets
  • Button added to main dashboard to flush-all memcached instances
  • Button added to main dashboard to randomly populate the cache with data
  • Deployment updated with latest SVCUTIL fix for Azure/DevFabric (see blog for more information)
  • Single Machine Tests show a throughput through WCF services of 80/rps


For more information see

Future Releases (Please Vote on What you Would Like To See)

  • Performance Comparison Documentation (Local Cache vs. Azure cache)
  • Compression on WCF Cache Tier Service
  • Backup/Restore to Blob Storage
  • Snapshot Cache Images for Seeding
  • Security (Federated Sign-In using Access Control Services)

Disclaimers / Notices

The memcached .NET library included in this project sample is the one developed and hosted here

The memcached client is currently 1.2.1 which is the only memcached client that seems to work in Azure at the moment.

The dashboard icon used in the site was developed by it is licensed under GPL.

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